Services and Expertise

Meet the Team

Sabrina Barosio

Chief Operations Officer

Brent VonAlmen

Chief Technology Officer

Let us solve your challenges! Our cross-functional consulting services can offer you unconventional approaches to improve your business. Belmont ensures that key decision makers aren’t bogged down with the day-to-day; by using our resources we can efficiently assist you in reaching your business objectives.

Contracts Management

Our experience with various contracts types is second to none! Our team applies knowledge to improving and automating contract management processes from pre-award to close out. This successful approach encompasses best practices in establishing a report with Project and Program Managers, Financial Professionals, and Analysts.


Belmont’s Logistics team determines ways companies can improve their daily logistical operations by reviewing cost, efficiency and quality of the items and materials upon delivery. From this review, they identify new ways to optimize processes; they suggest how to best use underutilized resources and bridge gaps in a logistics workflow.

Human Resources

Our team of professionals provide talent recruitment, benefits management, and implementation of HR processes and procedures, also in accordance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Their primary focuses include ensuring companies are compliant and that employees are engaged so Executive Leadership can focus on their growth and current business operations.

Finance and Accounting

The ability to make sound business decisions is predicated on accurate financial data. Belmont’s Financial Professionals provide key information for decision makers and can assist a business with their financial forecasting. This includes routine accounting services such as payroll, tax processing, AP processing, audit guidance, and month end and year end close processing. We can also offer businesses guidance on financial and accounting anomalies based on our vast experience and knowledge including Cost Accounting Standards for Department of Defense Contractors.

Information Technology

The IT staff applies knowledge and experience to identify systemic technology issues and opportunities for technology optimization. They possess a unique skill set that allows for them to not only install hardware and software, but to also prepare companies in how to protect their data; improve the usability of their products and provide guidance in technology advances.